Geoweb Forum is a business and market development association for founders and executives of companies that connect the web to physical location - at the intersection of geographic information systems, the internet of things and location applications.

Geoweb Forum is an independent, bootstrapped initiative by former Dutch journalist and exiled New Yorker Peter Verkooijen.

Geoweb Forum launched in the Summer of 2010, with a first Geoweb Summit in Brooklyn on November 4 of that year. The related Design for Manufacturing Forum and Social Retail Forum projects followed in the next two years.

The three Forum projects were a response to the financial crisis. The goal was to find new paths to growth with real value creation, to a more decentralized economy offering opportunities for younger generations.

Between 2015 and 2017 the Geoweb Summits were launched in Toronto and London. Geoweb Summits in New York continued with help from local Partners.