'Open data in last four years has created a lot of startups like us'

MapYourProperty has quickly grown from one to ten people. 'Toronto was one of the first with Vancouver and New York to release large amounts of data sets that were somewhat valuable,' founder Devin Tu says.

'People wasting their lives in cars going to work'

With remote working 'our labor pools get much more interesting', Sparkgeo founder Will Cadell said in the opening panel of the first Geoweb Summit in Toronto last October, with InnerSpace co-founder Matt MacGillivray, 4DM founder Steven McArdle and moderator Dr. Michael Widener of the University of Toronto.

'To demonstrate the value of data, you need access to that data'

At last month's small Geoweb Summit in London, David Kell (Gyana) talked about 'the big data machine learning AI revolution' in the context of IoT and the geoweb.

Interface Foundry adds temporal dimension to geofencing

Interface Foundry lets users build data bubbles pinned to a location and timeframe. Unlike iBeacon it is an open system. 'Even the kid down the street selling lemonade on a stand should be able to build a data bubble,' co-founder Rachel Law says.

MAYA developing authoring tool for 'trillions of connected devices'

Mickey McManus demonstrates MakerSwarm. 'Some things should never connect to the internet,' says the MAYA Design CEO. 'They're gonna be peer-to-peer with their own local enclave.'

AR 'the perfect way to link virtual reality and reality'

Jean-François Chianetta demonstrated the Augment app at Geoweb Summit #7. AugmentedReality.org's Ori Inbar moderated the augmented reality panel.

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