SD-WAN for M2M and IoT applications

In his keynote at last week's Geoweb Summit in Toronto TELoIP's CMO Kevin Suitor explained how software-defined WAN can deliver scale at low cost for IoT applications.

'There is a very close connection between internet of things and the blockchain'

'Crypto-currency is just one of a million use cases that can run on blockchain,' says DLT Labs founder and CTO Neeraj Srivastava. 'Distributed applications is going to be the next innovation.'

Hacking into wifi-enabled coffee pot easier than it should be

Eric Evenchick, Barrie Kirk and Marius Slavescu discussed the security implications of self-driving cars at Geoweb Summit #16 in Toronto. 'You have to start to worry about the integrity of sensors,' Eric said. 'Is what the sensor is seeing real or is someone modifying that value?'

'IoT is growing at a pace that security is not keeping up with'

Is there a role for blockchain in Internet of Things? Adam Vaziri explores the issue with Chain of Things and talked about it after the IoT panel at Geoweb Summit #12 last week in London.

'The business drivers are such that they justify doing the work'

At last year's New York Geoweb Summit Francis Cianfrocca (Bayshore) and Rich Sutton (Skyhook) discussed how to make sense of sensor data. Connectivity and security were the main issues for IoT in 2015, but Cianfrocca anticipated interoperability would come to the fore. 'Let's have this conversation a year from now.'

Challenge in industrial internet is 'to get the data into the applications'

Bayshore founder Francis Cianfrocca at Geoweb Summit #11 explained the opportunities in making sense of sensor data. 'If you can do an analytic step on that data, you can produce process efficiencies that translate into tens of billions of dollars, easily.'

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