SkyEdge building drones for 3D mapping, data capture and video

'Working with Ben, I build it and he makes it move,' co-founder Sununu Hernandez says. 'He programs the chips and computer systems.'

'People wasting their lives in cars going to work'

With remote working 'our labor pools get much more interesting', Sparkgeo founder Will Cadell said in the opening panel of the first Geoweb Summit in Toronto last October, with InnerSpace co-founder Matt MacGillivray, 4DM founder Steven McArdle and moderator Dr. Michael Widener of the University of Toronto.

'What will happen if Uber actually acquired Nokia HERE?'

'...and stops giving access to anybody else,' CartoDB's Javier de la Torre wondered in yesterday's webcast conversation with Leonardo Bonanni (Sourcemap) and Jory Schwach (Mesh), provided by Worldcast Live.

Geospatial meets Internet of Things

Raj Singh is the director of interoperability programs at the geospatial standards organization OGC, a consortium of over 400 organizations in Europe, America and Asia. OGC is working on an Smart Cities - Urban IoT Testbed and SWE for IoT.

'Neighborhoods have meaning'

In his keynote at Geoweb Summit #5 Maponics founder Darrin Clement talked about how Shopkick, Foursquare and JiWire use his company's location data.

'We've only scratched the surface'

Mining all the available location-based data is a challenge. 'That is where Esri comes in,' said Sajit Thomas in his keynote at Geoweb Summit Spring 2012. 'We give you the tools to analyze that information and give it some intelligence.' Thomas highlighted the killer technologies for mobile apps.

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