'The phone is used across the entire path to purchase'

At Geoweb Summit #14 in Toronto Tapped Mobile cofounder and President Jed Schneiderman showed example of use of location data in marketing.

Location data breathing new life into outdoor media

Last month at Geoweb Summit #9 Mossab Basir (Via Informatics), Tristan Louis (Thinaire), Josh Kruter (Clear Channel) and Christina Radigan (Outdoor Media Group) discussed what data from mobile and IoT can do for outdoor advertising.

AR is 'more for business and industry'

Pete Wassell (Augmate), Andrew Kemendo (Visidraft) and Brendan Scully (Metaio) at Geoweb Summit #8 discussed how augmented reality and wearables can solve 'the painful little expensive problems that enterprises have'.

Evrythng 'applies IoT technology to actually deliver commercial value'

Evrythng helps brands manage billions of individual product identities on the web. 'Each object is an individual relationship,' founder Niall Murphy says. 'That is the nexus around which applications can be driven.'

MAYA developing authoring tool for 'trillions of connected devices'

Mickey McManus demonstrates MakerSwarm. 'Some things should never connect to the internet,' says the MAYA Design CEO. 'They're gonna be peer-to-peer with their own local enclave.'

AR 'the perfect way to link virtual reality and reality'

Jean-François Chianetta demonstrated the Augment app at Geoweb Summit #7. AugmentedReality.org's Ori Inbar moderated the augmented reality panel.

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