SkyEdge building drones for 3D mapping, data capture and video

'Working with Ben, I build it and he makes it move,' co-founder Sununu Hernandez says. 'He programs the chips and computer systems.' August 2017

'Open data in last four years has created a lot of startups like us'

MapYourProperty has quickly grown from one to ten people. 'Toronto was one of the first with Vancouver and New York to release large amounts of data sets that were somewhat valuable,' founder Devin Tu says. April 2017

'To demonstrate the value of data, you need access to that data'

At last month's small Geoweb Summit in London, David Kell (Gyana) talked about 'the big data machine learning AI revolution' in the context of IoT and the geoweb. February 2017

'The business drivers are such that they justify doing the work'

At last year's New York Geoweb Summit Francis Cianfrocca (Bayshore) and Rich Sutton (Skyhook) discussed how to make sense of sensor data. Connectivity and security were the main issues for IoT in 2015, but Cianfrocca anticipated interoperability would come to the fore. 'Let's have this conversation a year from now.' April 2016

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