Challenge in industrial internet is 'to get the data into the applications'

Bayshore founder Francis Cianfrocca at Geoweb Summit #11 explained the opportunities in making sense of sensor data. 'If you can do an analytic step on that data, you can produce process efficiencies that translate into tens of billions of dollars, easily.'

AR is 'more for business and industry'

Pete Wassell (Augmate), Andrew Kemendo (Visidraft) and Brendan Scully (Metaio) at Geoweb Summit #8 discussed how augmented reality and wearables can solve 'the painful little expensive problems that enterprises have'.

AR 'the perfect way to link virtual reality and reality'

Jean-François Chianetta demonstrated the Augment app at Geoweb Summit #7.'s Ori Inbar moderated the augmented reality panel.

AR will 'revolutionize maintenance and information transfer'

The real utility and money for augmented reality will be in enterprise, as SAP demonstrated last week at InsideAR in Munich. 'The technology is here,' says Metaio's Brendan Scully. 'It is just about partnerships and integration at this point.'

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