Interface Foundry adds temporal dimension to geofencing

Interface Foundry lets users build data bubbles pinned to a location and timeframe. Unlike iBeacon it is an open system. 'Even the kid down the street selling lemonade on a stand should be able to build a data bubble,' co-founder Rachel Law says.

Evrythng 'applies IoT technology to actually deliver commercial value'

Evrythng helps brands manage billions of individual product identities on the web. 'Each object is an individual relationship,' founder Niall Murphy says. 'That is the nexus around which applications can be driven.'

MAYA developing authoring tool for 'trillions of connected devices'

Mickey McManus demonstrates MakerSwarm. 'Some things should never connect to the internet,' says the MAYA Design CEO. 'They're gonna be peer-to-peer with their own local enclave.'

AR will 'revolutionize maintenance and information transfer'

The real utility and money for augmented reality will be in enterprise, as SAP demonstrated last week at InsideAR in Munich. 'The technology is here,' says Metaio's Brendan Scully. 'It is just about partnerships and integration at this point.'