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NYC Arc Users discuss GIS over the web

Steve Pollackov of FDNY’s GIS Unit is one of the current organizers of the NYC Arc User Group. Last Friday the group held their 3rd Annual Symposium.

Posted by Ad Ministrator on June 27, 2012 under Events,GIS

AdMonsters OPS Mobile in New York

Global ad operations community AdMonsters had their first OPS Mobile event in New York in December. President Matt O’Neill explains. Content czar Rob Beeler talks about the role of location in mobile advertising.

Posted by Ad Ministrator on February 26, 2012 under Advertising,Events,Mobile,Technology

‘Crowdsourced data is junk’

Darrin Clement (Maponics), David Levine (Geostellar), Thomas Turnbull (Green Map) and Colin Reilly (DoITT) discussed data sources for local maps at last month’s Geoweb Summit.

Posted by Ad Ministrator on December 3, 2011 under Events,GIS,Mapping