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AR is ‘more for business and industry’

Pete Wassell (Augmate), Andrew Kemendo (Visidraft) and Brendan Scully (Metaio) at Geoweb Summit #8 discussed how augmented reality and wearables can solve ‘the painful little expensive problems that enterprises have’.

‘XMPP is a very good start’ for IoT development

Clayster is working on a new framework to quickly develop Internet of Things solutions and products. Founder Rikard Strid believes the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) could be the key.

Bug Labs makes building IoT apps easy

Bug Labs evolved from open source hardware to tools to build Internet of Things applications. ‘Customers were putting whole collections of devices on the internet,’ founder Peter Semmelhack says. ‘It wasn’t like one vending machine; it was ten thousand vending machines.’